Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Keep this to yourself, it is important

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 10:03 AM, Miss Wirawan Manakit <> wrote:

I need your urgent help and I want our communication to be basically through the email as I would not want this to be exposed to another party, keep this information I am giving out now to yourself. My name is Wirawan Manakit and I ask for your help in getting the money left behind by late Mr. Robert McCarthy who was a South African according to his records with our bank. If this will endanger your position and reputation, I would not have contacted you. This is safe and beneficial to both of us financially. I am presently the operations manager of our bank here in Chonburi, Thailand and please do keep these information to yourself. I will give you more details of myself, our bank and the transaction itself once you accept to do this with me.
Late Mr. Robert McCarthy lived and worked in Thailand as a real estate businessman and he deposited in our bank the sum of six million, one hundred and seventeen thousand US dollars (US$6,117,000) as fixed deposit for a period two years in 1996 and this deposit has not been claimed until this moment. It is the routine of our bank to transfer all deposits that have been inactive for this length of time to the government's account. One thing with this particular account that attracted my interest is that the depositor did not put any beneficiary at the time he made the deposit and therefore did not leave anyone for our bank to contact where he is not available. I have on my own undertaken an independent investigation to know his whereabouts since there is no one else to contact and I realized that he died in early 1997 as a result of heart related illness. 

I have gone to his last known address and everyone that knew him confirmed he was dead and I also inquired from the registrar of deaths, his death was registered and there is no known relative of him as well. I made further effort at the South African embassy here in Thailand and no information of him was found. All these made it impossible for me to locate any of his relatives, since this is the issue, I want you to apply as the beneficiary of the deceased in the capacity of his friend in order to claim the deposit from our bank. Due to the way our bank works, it is only someone outside of Thailand that can successfully make the claim. It does not matter if you knew him or not, it does not matter if you had any kind of relationship with him or not, I will guide you all the way until the claim is made. It is not a matter of being greedy, we are not hurting anyone by making this claim and it is not the best to leave the money to eventually end up in the hands of few corrupt government officials while we have the opportunity to live better with the money when claimed. This transaction is a risk free one and as the operations manager of our bank, the final approval of your application will be done by me. Once I approve it, you will have the right to claim the money. 
We will share the money into two equal parts (50:50) when the claim is made and I will come over to your country for my own share of the money. Everything will be done successfully as I am in a position to influence things in our favor, have no fear about this. Right now, I have all the copies of documents relating to the deposit he made that you will file to back up this claim. All I require is your sincerity and honest cooperation to enable us make this claim successfully and we have to do this within the shortest time possible because the money will be reverted to the government's account if not claimed now.

If you are willing to do this with me, you are to confirm the follow information of yours:

1. Full Names:
2. Residential Address:
3. City:
4. Zip/Postal Code:
5. State/Province:
6. Country:
7. Phone Number:
8. Occupation:
9. Age:
10. Sex

Upon the receipt of the above information, I shall inform you on what next to do to make sure you receive the money. I am waiting for your details in order to move to the next step towards getting the money. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Miss. Wirawan Manakit
Phone: +66-929376639